Garry Steadman

Garry is a Certified Orthotist who began his career at WinPO in 1991. 

Garry likes to tell the story on how he initially was introduced to the field of prosthetics and orthotics.  A high school science fair project first got Garry hooked and he hasn’t looked back since!

Over the years, Garry has had the opportunity to treat a wide variety of conditions and enjoys tackling unique situations and developing innovative solutions.

When not working Garry enjoys spending time with his family as well as camping and working on projects around his home.

If you would like to contact Garry directly please email him at garry@winpo.ca


GBC Technical Program (1989) | GBC Clinical Program (1991) | Canadian Certified Orthotist (1993) | Former MOPA Secretary/Treasurer Vice President and President |