December 07 2023

Team Member Spotlight - Geena Frew

What is your position at Winpo? What was your journey to get there?


Prosthetic Resident. I completed a masters degree in Rehabilitation sciences from McMaster University. In the same year I also applied to the O&P George Brown College program and was accepted. I completed one year of the technical program, then got accepted into the clinical program which was completed in two years. Once Graduated I reached out to WinPO and they offered a residency position in Prosthetics. 



What is your favorite part of your job?


Working with patients and helping them achieve their prosthetic goals. I enjoy working with the other clinicians and collaborating on patient treatment plans.  



Can you tell us about a success story of a patient?


One of my favourite stories since working at WinPO was with a patient who told me that their prosthetic significantly improved their quality of life. Prior to amputation the patient was restricted to doing physical activities and was dependent on his wheelchair. Once going through the process of creating his prosthetic, I ensured he was involved in every step of the way by continuing to educated him of what was being done. He profoundly expressed his gratitude and was able to achieve his goals of having more independence and enjoying participating in activities with friends and family.  Having open communication and having the patient feel comfortable throughout the treatment, is one of my top priorities. 



What do you like to do in your spare time?


During my free time I enjoying cooking, doing DIY projects, and being active. I enjoying playing and watching basketball. I like to support my home team, the Toronto Raptors!  Whenever I can, I try to spend my time with friends and family.   


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